​So the story of Naruto (thats right,Uzumaki Naruto) got me thinking. A child despised for what he carried inside, he had no one and was a nobody but look how he turned out. He was like the lowest of the low and he ended up rivaling the likes of sasuke, pain and some other akatsuki members. A boy with no talent at creating clones was able to create fighting clones, while having two standby clones conserving energy plus the rasen-shuriken (only those who’ve seen it would understand this). 

Now this is what I’m driving at; right now you might not be at the top of your game or you’re far from achieving your dream, it doesn’t make you an idiot or a dumbass, it probably means its not your time. Ever heard of late bloomers, you’re probably one. Never ever give up on yourself, you are your best hype man. Every one operates on different timelines. You just gotta hold on till that times comes. So today, I urge you to keep digging till you hit that pot of gold.


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