Why bother?

​I was glad when they said “let us go to the house of the Lord”

As a child, Sundays were the best days of the week.   It was a time for thanksgiving and securing the week in Jesus. For me it was a time to learn about the many wonders of Jesus and how to be like him (But now I’m older i wonder if its possible to ever be like him – story for another day). Back to the story. Sundays were awesome because church made it so. I never have to worry about my clothes (although mom expects me to reserve my best clothes for Sundays) and i never had to worry about what other children thought. 

These days i find it hard to go to church without the right combo of clothes. I have to be colour coordinated and the clothes have to look exotic, because i am worried about what people would think of my clothes.

Jesus, I sound like an idiot right? Well this is most of us. We have have turned the house of worship to a place of judgement and segregation, all in the name of class. We forget the true purpose of the house of God – worship and we worry ourselves about the vanities of life. We segregate ourselves into different classes based on social status telling ourselves “if they are not good enough, they don’t deserve to roll with us”, thus, forcing people to lead fake lives because they want to be seen with the richest and coolest class of friends. Believe me, i used to be guilty of this but a thought struck me, aren’t we all going to end up in the same place in the end? Of course, we’re all gonna end up in ground (whether in a wooden coffin or a gold plated one, we still gonne be buried six feet deep). So why bother with the class segregation in the first place?


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