Valentine: overhyped or nah?

Disclaimer: read at your own risk. This post might seem pointless and stupid but you should realise i am trying to arrive at a point.

I hate to be the scrooge of the lovers season but its just my opinion anyway.

To be honest, the idea of valentine is not so bad but the interpretation of the intent behind it is just total BS(pardon the language). There is nothing bad in celebrating that special someone (tbh, i am all for it because why call them special if you don’t celebrate them). But the question is, is there supposed to be a special day to over celebrate them. Come on, they are meant to be over celebrated every single. Most of y’all that carry this valentine thing on your head eh, you just do it to follow the crowd. On a normal day, you find it hard to do or say something sweet for/to that person that they often forget that you love them. But when you hear valentine laidis, you wee be jumping upandan looking for expensive presents to buy (what about birthdays and anniversaries- forget birthdays and anniversaries sef, what about everyday?) Don’t you realise that it is the little things that really matter and the thought that counts. 

Valentine is not only about taking your special someone to an expensive dinner or buying expensive presents (we have christmas for that). Its not about pressuring yourself to find a boy or girl to smash (seriously its stupid) and it is definitely not about oppressing your single friends because you’ve got a boo and they’ve not (Even you boo fit get boo).

My point is don’t wait for valentines day to show how much you love that special person. Valentines day should be everyday and not just february the 14th.

Totally unrelated to this, if you have got no one to celebrate the “special” day with, you could spend the day with the orphans or those in the disabled homes (they also need to be loved).

Whew!!! I know i just rambled but that is what i do.


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