So, your friendly neighborhood rant person is back. I hate talking about sensitive issues but we really need to address some things

Yesterday, my alma mata lost a gem. RIP brother. Hold up, i know it doesn’t concern you but some people need what I’m about to tell you.

Unfortunately for Nigeria, he happens to be a serving NYSC member who had an accident (according to what I heard). A couple of friends now feel the NYSC scheme is to be blamed for his death. People we need to get our priorities and facts right. Trust me, i don’t like the scheme either: it has affected me negatively but i gained some things as well.

Several corps member have died in the the space of four months that i became a corps member. Some as a result of negligence on the part of officials affiliated with the scheme, others as a result of occurences beyond our control. Don’t see me as heartless but let’s be objective in our reasoning. The fact that a person died as a serving corps member doesnt mean the scheme should be blamed for his/her death. What if he/she had died at home or probably after serving? Who would you blame?

Whether they scrap the scheme or not, it’s none of my business really, but blaming deaths of serving corps members on the scheme is just totally wrong.


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