Warning: read at your own risk. 

This is a very short post aimed at driving a point. I am sort of a movie junkie but who isn’t? (that was a rhetorical question). This weekend I started on a new series: VIKINGS (I know I’m stale but that’s not the point). I saw an episode in season one which shook me to my core and I felt a need to share my thoughts on the issue, which brings me to the title of this post. 

The age of the Vikings was very much characterized by war, raids, plunder, blood, honour and sacrifices . What struck me in this particular episode was people’s willingness to lay down their lives to be slaughtered like animals just so their gods would bless their community. 

According to the series, this village holds a festival at the temple every 9 years where they offer sacrifices to the gods for protection and the usual needs. They have to offer 9 of every livestock as well as men. There is a process of natural selection where 9 men are selected. There was a Christian slave that was selected but was unworthy to be sacrificed because he couldn’t renounce his faith in his heart and someone had to take his place. Then a man stood up happily – emphasis on happily – to take his place because it was an honour. Shocked?  So am I.

That got me thinking, how many of us in the 21st century would be willing to do such? Trust me,  I don’t think I would be able to either. It’s strange that people then would willingly sacrifice their lives for the greater good while in this age,  it is a case of “EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF.” 

Believe me,  I am guilty of this. Many times we ignore our calling to serve because of one reason or the other, not knowing that some lives depend on that service we are to offer. Don’t get me started on those who refuse to act on behalf of others claiming they are scared. Even if you can’t seem to help in physical ways, you can help in other ways instead of totally refusing to help. These people (Vikings)  were fearless.

This is a wake up call to this generation to stop being more concerned about ourselves while giving no consideration to those who are hurt by our decisions to protect ourselves. Go out of your way to help people in every little way you can. You don’t have to be seen doing it. Just help. 

That begs the question: How long will we continue to be selfish? 

I know I said this was short but I couldn’t help it. 

Thanks for reading 


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