A rare species are going extinct. Now, I don’t mean biologically;I wouldn’t know what to call it. The species  of humans are “Beautiful Souls”

All humans are born pure of heart; a blank canvass with no impression. However,  as we grow older, our souls begin to lose their pure form because the world has made negative impressions on them. Why do you think Jesus asked us to be like little children? It’s because of their innocence and untainted souls. The irony of the situation is this,  if you’re untainted, you’re naive; then everyone struggles to be badass. 

The few of those  who manage to grow up untainted like the rest of us, still end up the receiving end of our hate, and when they come to the dark side,  we claim they’ve grown wings. 

But really I want to use this opportunity to appreciate those beautiful souls who managed to stay untainted. Never let the world change your view on life. Fight to keep that soul untainted because the world still needs people like you.