Shout-out to my Monday lovers. I know you’re not plenty but I celebrate your drive. 

Well this morning I have a story, and no,  this is not fiction. 

I’ve been known to avoid work, hence,  the procrastinating habit of mine. I’m working on it tho. A couple of years back,  I got a link to apply for a scholarship. Bear in mind,  I got the link two months to the deadline and I felt what’s the stress, I’ve got a lot of time. Fellow procrastinators, I bet you know what happens right. A couple of weeks to the deadline,  I decided to start working on it but damn it was too late. I ended up applying under pressure and you know the kind of mistakes that would be made. We can all guess how it ended eh?  Yep, I didn’t get it. 

Anyway the moral lesson is this: whatever you can do now, get it done and get it out of the way so you don’t end up working under pressure to meet deadlines. 

Have a lovely Monday and enjoy the rest if your week. 


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