Falling: A Part of Life’s Lessons 

It’s your friendly neighborhood rambler but today I won’t be doing that. Over the weekend I learnt a few things, one of which is embedded in the image above. 

It’s imperative you read that quote and digest it as it would be the focus of today’s discussion. 

Failing or falling (in this case) is a part of life. Children fall when they are learning to stand or walk. Hence, why it is an integral part of life. A smooth sea,  they say,  never makes a great sailor. If one goes through life in a smooth fashion,  there are things that you wouldn’t think of appreciating,  which is why we need life to knock some sense into our heads; and what better way to do that than us falling once in a while. 

Remember,  Michael Faraday wouldn’t know 999 ways of not getting electricity if he didn’t fail. The key is to pick yourself up when you fall so that you learn from your mistakes and move on.

Moral Lesson: Falling or failing is not a bad thing. It just means that life feels you have another lesson to learn. 

Have a blissful Monday and a lovely week ahead


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