NOTE: This is going to be short (I’m not quite sure myself) 

Dear Reader, 

You’re probably wondering “what gift does this girl have for me?” Well, it’s the same gift I always have for you: words. 

Today happens to be the first day of the new month, which also marks a celebration for my Muslim friends and readers. Who would’ve thunk it? Eight months have passed and it seems like it was just yesterday we congratulated  one another for making it into the new year. 

As it is #flashbackfriday, I want as all to take a moment to reflect on that moment where we were setting goals for the new year. I’ve got a couple of questions for all of us; I am involved this exercise as well, I also read my blog 😉

  • How many of our goals for the year have we accomplished?
  • How many are left unaccomplished?
  • If the ratio of unaccomplished to accomplished is high, how do you intend to finish all before the end of the year? 

Hope we all answered honestly?

Now, it’s not bad that you have some left over goals. What would be bad is if you don’t push ourselves to accomplish them. You might not meet the mark but the main point is you putting your best foot forward. You need to ensure excellence in every area of your life. Not accomplishing set goals doesn’t make you a failure, as long as you learn your lessons from mistakes. Don’t consider the next 4 month too short to accomplish anything; don’t forget that you might not be able to succeed at a task if you don’t believe you can deal with it. 

I leave you with these few words, the day isn’t over until it is really over. Make sure that when you look back to measure your success at the end of the year, you would smile and pat yourself on the back knowing you put in your best. 

Happy holidays and Happy New Month 

With love, 

The Rambler

Quick question: was it short? 


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