3 Tips on How to Argue Right

But some people can argue sha. Well it’s none of my business #shrugs. Nah, I have to make it my business.

So I was doing my normal online rounds and something struck me about people who comment on others posts. Mehn. People (especially Nigerians) can like to argue. Imagine me fighting with someone on another person’s post because their opinion differs from mine. A wise person once told me, before you decide to argue, know where your facts end. If only we treat arguments like a sales pitch (oh well!). Yep, an argument (or debate, as I would like to call it) is a process of trying to sell an idea to someone who thinks differently.

To be quite honest, I’ve learnt a lot of things from arguing but damn, if you don’t argue right, it’s gonna look like a pointless fight. An argument should be an enjoyable debate that educates you at the same time. 

For you to argue right, here are a few tips

  1. Suspend judgement and respect people’s opinion. Always put in mind that not everyone will have the same opinion as you. If everyone thought the same way, life would be dull to be honest. Variety is the spice to life. Not everybody will agree with your opinion, which brings me to the next point
  2. Be civil. Never raise your voice (in the case of a face-to-face debate) or insult your opponent (for the purpose of online debates). Argue your points with civility. If you ain’t civil, nobody will listen to you (it’s tantamount to being razz).
  3. Finally,  argue with facts. Nobody wants to go into an argument with someone who doesn’t know what they are saying. An argument is pointless if you can’t get your points straight. It allows you explain your ideas and back them up with strong points, it might even help you change the other person’s mind and woo them to your side. 

    The point of arguing is to allow you get an insight into how the other person thinks. It allows you learn about people and pick their brains. It allows you see the issue or topic of argument from another perspective. Remember, different people with different perspectives. 

    My opinion tho (it’s open to review) 


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