Dear friends and family of business owners,

This morning I woke up to a post of an instagram follower who was lamenting about friends who claim to love you and support you but they would never do business with your or get you referrals but they would rather get free services from you.
First of all, it is very unfair to a start up when family and friends expect free things from them and they don’t even get referrals. Don’t forget that they spend money to create these goods and services. And where they refuse to give you free goods or services, you start to complain that they are wicked and selfish; but really, who is the selfish one here? The funny thing is if you were in their shoes, you’ll probably do worse. Did I picture you say “NO”. Come on, nobody wants to do business and run at loss now.
Should it be heard of you as a friend, that your friend is broke business owner? Please don’t tell your friends you like what they do without hyping them. That is what it means to support. Free services from them should come at their own discretion; if you deserve it you’ll get it and it shouldn’t be all the time.

Support your friends and their endeavours. Brag about them to the world. Get them jobs. Don’t ask for free things all the time (Do you want to run the business down?).
Please it is imperative that you show them how much you love them through your support; it motivates them. It shouldn’t be by words of mouth.
And I’ve put in my own two cents. If you like hear, if you like don’t. But that’s none of my business.
I hope you had a good read.

Do have a lovely day. 

The rambler


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