My life as an only child. 

Growing up, I used to wonder what it would feel like having siblings. Many a times, people have told me they wished they were the only children of their parents so that they won’t have to share resources and I always laugh at them (and in my head I’m like if only they knew what they had).

I grew up with a set of overprotective parents who never allowed me the chance to be a child. I never had the opportunity to relate with my peers. I was always indoors, so every opportunity I get to play(which is usually in school), I grab it with both hands. During the period of confinement, I used to wonder what it would feel like if had an elder brother (I never really thought of having a sister; don’t ask why because I don’t know either). It was so crazy that I used to be jealous of my friends who had siblings, especially when they share their stories of crazy things they had done together or adventures. 

There were times I pretended I was acting and my mom would be like, “who are you talking to?” and I’ll just laugh it off and tell her I’m trying to act a play (this is one of the things that got interested in theatre and I still do it now). There would be days I would play my favorite music and pretend I was the musician and I’m having a concert. All these were just an avenue to dull the loneliness. Sometimes I would just pick up a book and bury myself in it just to have an experience of what it was like to live in a different place. 

I was one of the weird ones in secondary school. I wasn’t a social butterfly, I hated being in the spotlight. I wouldn’t  intentionally nominate myself for a debate, hell no! That’s like suicide. I was known  for reading books and rough play but it never affected my academic standing (perks of having a strict dad). My dad would come to school and complain to my teachers that I come home with a dirty uniform and they’ll reassure him that my academics wasn’t suffering. While other people were going to school themselves in senior class, my dad was still taking me to school. I still remember going with my parents to write my university entrance exams. Those were embarrassing moments mehn. I used to wish I had siblings so that we could share the attention mehn. 

Being a teenager wasn’t nice at all, there were things I didn’t want to tell/ask my mom and that period was crazy. I would have fights with my parents and wish I had an elder sibling to just pour out my vexation to and feel alright. I had to start keeping a diary. 

To be honest, while I had all these challenges there were good moments too. I had to be independent and do things for myself (nobody did my school assignments/projects for me – ask my mom). 

That is one reason I’ll be thankful for my favourite cousin who stood as a sibling, even though it was for a few years. Those were fun times. Thanks for being there and he’s still my favourite person today. 

You dunno what you have if you have siblings and y’all hate each other. Cherish them. Love them. There are some of us who wished we had siblings. Till today, I envy people with siblings. While your siblings might be unbearable and annoying, you only get them once, share your love with them this season and let them know how much you love them


One thought on “My life as an only child. 

  1. Wemimo Oyebande says:

    Awwww, same feeling baby. It’s so sad that the ones that have siblings don’t really cherish them, they don’t know what they’ve got. I wish I had just one!


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