Work! Work!! Work!!! 

It’s good to be in a new year. Everything seems brand new. People making resolutions (they probably won’t last till the end of January anyway).

Everyone wants to be better and the new year is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. To be honest, we do this at the end of every 365(6) day cycle. Sometimes, wiping the slate clean is not the answer. 

I’m not saying a fresh start is a bad thing. Oh no. I’m all for wiping the slate clean. However, some stains don’t go easily (ask a woman who got her period while wearing white). It’s easier said than done. Sometimes, you gotta work for it. 

There are many stains we ought to have cleaned before coming into the new year but like stubborn stains some don’t come off in one wash. That debt, that bad rep, that stigma, that bad attitude, etc. 

A carryover of negatives is bad, but there’s sstill a chance to turn them into positives. However, don’t expect the positives to come on a platter. 

And for those of us who already have the clean slate. Congratulations, but you’ve gotta work extra hard to keep the slate clean so you won’t have to start thinking of how to wipe it clean at the end of the year. 

I hope you were able to pick out something useful in my convoluted reasoning. I wish you a positive year. Happy new year. 


2 thoughts on “Work! Work!! Work!!! 

  1. Spiz says:

    Dat’s true…..u’ve got to starts wiping d slate clean in d old year so d when d new yr comes, u would already have a clean slate. Nyc write up dear, keep it up.

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    • Timmie Aremu says:

      Not exactly wiping the slate clean again but fighting to ensure it doesn’t get stained by mistakes. Fighting to make the right decision, fighting to live, fighting to keep fighting…. Something like that


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