Dear Parents: A Letter From Your Child

Let’s talk parenting. Yes, I am not a parent; well, I’m doing this from the child’s point of view.

I grew up in a home where “Daddy’s word” was final; your only hope of changing his mind is to convince him with good reasons. 

If you grew up in an African home,  especially in Nigeria; when it’s time to choose a career, you know the struggle, yeah?  Daddy or mummy says you must do a particular profession and nothing else. Trust me,  it’s out of love. They are not being wicked. They believe it’s a way of protecting you; especially when you’re the only child. However, ones interests might not go in line with their career choice. This has been the cause of conflicts between many parents and their children. 

Dear new & future parents, they know you love them and they appreciate it; but sometimes, they need you to listen to them; not just when they speak but their actions as well. Try to know them, find out their interest and push them to building proficiency around those interests because,  when you stop a child from doing what interests him/her, you have probably killed his/her potential. Rather than discourage them from pursuing these interests, help them nurture it or better still give them options so they don’t feel you’re forcing your choice on them. 

Yes, they will make mistakes but isn’t that the point of life? It will help them to be better. All you need do is support them in their choices and believe me, they’ll thank you for it.

I hope you had a good read. Have a lovely day


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