It’s planting season

Dear Reader,
Hope you had a lovely weekend?  This is just a quick reminder that the year is no longer new.

It’s just 16 days and people are already earning. If you’re nor earning yet, it’s fine but I’ve got a question – what are you doing about it? 

It’s normal if you’re not where you want to be  but sometimes, you’ve gotta check yourself and see if you’re the reason. You can’t always blame it on something or someone else. I can see some people saying it’s just 16 days, there’s still 349 days to go. I’ve got enough time. I hate to break it to you. You don’t have enough time. There will never be enough time. 

Don’t waste those goals you’ve e set for the year. Don’t wait for the year to run for a period of time before you start. The best time to start is now. It’s planting season. Plant the seeds Now!!!

Don’t wait. I don’t need to tell you how time flies, especially when you’re doing nothing. Before you know it, the year’s gonna run out and you’ll begin to wonder where all the time went. Get busy now and rest later.

From a concerned well wisher
Phew. That went well. 


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