Work! Work!! Work!!! 

the new year heralds a clean slate. some of us are lucky enough to to get the slate completely clean while others are not. however, there's something common to us all. we've gotta work for it



Dear friends and family of business owners, This morning I woke up to a post of an instagram follower who was lamenting about friends who claim to love you and support you but they would never do business with your or get you referrals but they would rather get free services from you. First of … Continue reading SHOW, DON’T TELL


I am sorry I haven't posted in a while, it's not intentional; the brief hold up has been in a bid to serve you better.  However,  the blog will be up and running efficiently soon.  Watch this space for better things.  Thanks for being loyal to the brand.  God bless you. 


DISCLAIMER: IF YOU HATE THE TRUTH, STOP RIGHT HERE AND EXIT THE PAGE Being a sort of social media junkie, I am ever reading stories and posts online,  especially facebook posts of blogs.  This morning,  I stumbled on a link telling a story about a lady who worked herself to death. You're wondering how that … Continue reading SMELL THE ROSES